JDA Software

Each of JDA’s 4,000 customers is part of a unique and vibrant community of industry-leading companies interested in establishing a world-class, consumer-driven value chain. JDA offers nearly 25 years of innovation excellence in the areas of supply chain, merchandising and pricing management, solving the most complex needs of customers across all geographies and industries, including manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and services industries companies. Our combined knowledge of best practices, proven results and business processes is simply unmatched in our market.

Only JDA has the scale to innovate and deliver supply chain planning, optimization and execution solutions that enable customers to achieve real results within their organizations due to improved business performance. JDA is committed to delivering superior solutions that are supersets of our acquired market leaders’ combined product functionality, in addition to:

  • Enabling the consumer-driven supply chain to help companies realize one view of demand, use customer insight to drive timely decisions and enable integrated decision making across planning, optimization and execution
  • Rapidly responding to market realities by enabling companies to sense and profitably react to real-time conditions, shape demand to match supply and proactively monitor operations with recommended actions
  • Improving visibility and productivity through the use of dashboards, workflows and guided analytics, as well as combining master-data management with easy-to-use solutions that increase planner productivity

JDA provides customers with a commitment to ongoing investments in innovation, solutions that deliver an unmatched return on investment, and a comprehensive range of services — from software to hardware reselling and consulting, education and support — enabling customers to achieve real results within their organizations.