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Improve demand forecasting and capacity utilization to increase profits

With dynamic market conditions, increasing competition, shifting capacity and demand, as well as economic pressure to improve yields, air cargo and freight companies are looking to adopt sophisticated revenue management strategies to manage capacity through effective allotment planning and minimize the risk of capacity, while also maximizing profits.

JDA provides a sophisticated approach — Price Sensitive Revenue Management — to help companies forecast demand for products and capacity, while optimizing rates in each market based on local competition and conditions. This dynamic, automated and flexible approach leverages advanced statistical methods and optimization algorithms for maximum profitability.

JDA's innovative software and services for the cargo and freight industry enables companies to:

Why JDA?

JDA Price Sensitive Revenue Management solutions enable air cargo companies to improve forecast accuracy, reduce lost bookings and increase capacity and utilization of assets while improving overall profits through advanced demand forecasting, price optimization, revenue management, asset optimization and analytical services. Continental Airlines Cargo, Cathay Pacific Cargo and Delta Air Lines Cargo are just a few of the industry leaders that have turned to JDA to improve pricing, efficiency and profits.

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