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Deliver a seamless brand experience across all channels - profitably

Digitally engaged, tech savvy and better informed, today’s omni-channel consumers expect a seamless shopping experience across any device, anytime and anywhere. One bad experience and they’re gone. Key to creating and delivering personalized experiences across all channels is the integration of retail planning and execution.  

JDA helps retailers optimize every aspect of their business to drive profitability and higher performance with speed and flexibility. Discover how JDA’s end-to-end solutions help hardlines, softlines and grocery retailers satisfy today’s empowered consumers:

Why JDA?

JDA offers a broad suite of integrated merchandising, supply chain, warehouse management, transportation management and customer engagement solutions specifically designed to win the moments of influence and support the new requirements for consumer-connected retail. To learn more, download JDA Retail. In Sync. now.

Additionally, JDA offers Retail.Me, a software-as-a-service consulting offering complimenting JDA's industry-leading Retail Planning solution. By applying advanced data science to historical performance and purchase data, Retail.Me identifies key shopper segments and their buying behaviors. These insights are then used to assess assortment performance, identify opportunities for improvement and make recommendations that enable retailers to deliver personalized offers that maximize market share and margin.
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