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Aug 28, 2015Home delivery cost crisis: reader comments
This article is about the comments made by credible readers on the article by guest-author Dan Murphy.
Aug 28, 2015Four ways your WMS can cut costs and "green up" your DC
A bustling distribution center is a crucial cog in most logistics operations, but these busy facilities can also run up big bills of their own, not to mention suck up energy. In the relentless search to cut costs and "green up" their distribution operations, many companies are turning to an unlikely tool—their warehouse management system (WMS).
Aug 28, 2015Enhancing Profitability in Automotive's Interconnected World
Leading automotive OEMs and suppliers understand they need much more advanced supply chain processes and technology to support corporate goals for profitability and agility in this age of consumerism.
Aug 21, 20154 in 10 Brits let down by couriers claiming 'no one's home' - make a stand
This article highlights the JDA/Centiro Customer Pulse Report, which notes that a third of online shoppers said they would rather pay extra to have a specific and guaranteed time slot than just be told am or pm.
Aug 21, 2015Online retail - reliable and convenient better than fast and cheap
The Grocer reports on the JDA/Centiro Customer Pulse Survey, which notes that among 2,000 UK consumers, 47% had experience problems with online orders in the past year.
Aug 21, 2015Online retailers: can the personal touch make the difference?
This article mentions the recent JDA/Centiro survey that found that almost half of all shoppers found problems when buying goods online, with 71 percent revealing they would be likely to switch to another retailer following bad online service.
Aug 21, 2015Half of UK adults have had a problem with an online order in the last year: study
This article shares the results of the JDA/Centiro Customer Pulse Survey after surveying 2,000 UK adults on their online buying habits.
Aug 21, 2015Debenhams looks to profit from JDA-IBM partnership
This article talks about JDA customer Debenhams as one of the first retailers to leverage the integrated capabilities provided by JDA's partnership with IBM.
Aug 12, 2015Supply Chain for Dummies offers entertaining logistics primer
This blog mentions the JDA Supply Chain for Dummies e-book, a supply chain management reference book.
Aug 12, 2015Increasing profitability through supply chain segmentation
In today’s competitive and cost-conscious marketplace, many businesses are finding it difficult to service all customer demand equally. End consumers, influenced by technologies and omni-channel commerce expect their orders filled faster than ever.
Aug 3, 2015How Big is Online Shopping in SA?
CNBC Africa gets Lee Gill, VP of Retail at JDA, to shed insight into the most transformational shifts that have occurred in the retail space
Jul 28, 2015If the Black Friday cap fits: more readers’ thoughts on bold Yodel’
This article looks at experts thoughts on Yodel's announcement that it would set limits on the amount of next-day delivery business it would accept from Black Friday
Jul 27, 2015Who Really has a Supply Chain Strategy?
This article explores the importance of having a strategy behind the supply chain and how that could get companies past the "what do we do now?" thought.
Jul 21, 2015Achieving Better Fulfillment Planning & Execution
The success of transportation plans and warehouse execution are often limited because the transportation management system and warehouse management system don’t readily interact with each other. How can companies integrate WMS with TMS to gain full visibility into constraints in both areas?
Jul 21, 2015In the future, who you gonna call?
In the rush to automate, companies don't always stop to think about who's going to keep their systems running. David Maloney explores this growing problem and where to find the people that can help.
Jul 20, 2015Enhancements in JDA Category Management make it faster, easier to create customised assortments and planograms that meet local consumer needs
As the battle for consumer loyalty continues to escalate, retailers are increasingly focused on understanding, and meeting, the targeted needs of local shoppers in all their markets.
Jul 20, 2015JDA Software Moves Forward with Release 9.0
In this article, Bob Ferrari discusses the new 9.0 release and explains its significance.
Jul 15, 2015Can’t We All Just Get Along?
JDA's Jim Le Tart writes about the need for change in supply chains and the underlying causes of these problems.
Jul 15, 2015JDA software product could help companies avoid unprofitable steps in omnichannel commerce
This article discusses JDA's newest release, which allows users to integrate their digital and physical supply chains, identify unprofitable links in omni-channel logistics, and adjust their fulfillment models to avoid them.
Jul 15, 2015JDA launches powerful new capabilities to enable the seamless supply chain
The challenge of creating a seamless supply chain focused on anticipating and serving personalized demand has been tackled by JDA with its latest software release.
Jul 15, 2015Upwardly Mobile—Mobile Technologies Span the Supply Chain
JDA's Paula Natoli writes about how generally companies are slow to adapt to bringing mobility into the workplace and how mobility spans the supply chain.
Jul 15, 2015JDA Addresses Three Challenges Facing Companies
As companies in every industry seek to integrate the needs of their digital and physical supply chains — bringing them together to seamlessly serve multiple channels — JDA announces its latest release aimed at addressing this huge challenge.
Jul 15, 2015JDA launches powerful new capabilities to enable the seamless supply chain
As companies in every industry seek to integrate the needs of their digital and physical supply chains — bringing them together to seamlessly serve multiple channels — JDA announced its latest release, version 9.0, aimed at addressing this huge challenge.
Jul 15, 2015JDA’s new release aimed at helping shipper omni-channel profitability
This article discusses the new JDA release which focuses on how shippers can plan further upstream to manage inventory to support better decisions on inventory deployment and fulfillment.
Jul 8, 2015Is Now the Time to Finally Leverage Retail POS Data?
This article on leveraging retail point of sale data, includes input from JDA's Fred Baumann, in a video interview.
Jul 2, 2015Time for 3PL to Get Real – How 3PL’s Can Deliver Strategic Value in an Omni-Channel World
In this piece, JDA's Maarten Baltussen explains how 3PLs can deliver strategic value in an omni-channel world.
Jun 26, 2015Retail Workforce Forecasting: A new approach
JDA's Scott Welty explores the importance of staying competitive in the retail, why it has never been more difficult, and the new approach that could help.
Jun 26, 2015Journey to On-Shelf Availability
This article discusses companies that are going on the journey of working to decrease the out-of-stocks average.
Jun 25, 2015JDA Beefs Up Mobile Capabilities of its Store Operations Platform for Retail Managers
This article describes the new mobile opportunities that retail managers will now be able to use through enhancements to JDA's store operations platform.
Jun 23, 2015JDA Adds New Capabilities to Solution to Streamline Workforce Management
This article lays out the new capabilities that JDA has implemented in the Store Operations solution.
Jun 23, 2015JDA Teams With Google in Public Cloud Offering
This article explores the new collaborative efforts between JDA and Google and what the new public cloud offering will support.
Jun 23, 2015Omnichannel Impact on Warehousing
Steve Simmerman, senior director of sales at JDA, describes the challenges omnichannel poses to warehouse management, the solutions required to overcome those difficulties, and how mobility is a factor in both order placement and fulfillment.
Jun 22, 2015JDA Software partners with Google on cloud products
Hayley Ringle speaks with JDA's VP of Technology, John Sarvari, on the new partnership with Google and what it will bring to both companies.
Jun 22, 2015Head in the cloud: Highlights from "Google Next" Event in San Francisco
This article takes a look at Baird's research note on Google's cloud computing platform.
Jun 18, 2015Always more to learn in software development
Shari Lopatin talks to Veena Nayak, GVP of Product Development at JDA, about her background and how there is always something new to learn in software development.
Jun 18, 2015JDA Software to collaborate with Google to boost omni-channel and supply chain soloutions
This article explains the new collaborative work that JDA and Google will be doing in order to strengthen its next generation cloud based solutions via the Google Cloud Platform.
Jun 18, 2015JDA Software announces strategic cloud collaboration with Google
This article explores what JDA's new collaboration with Google will bring and how both companies will benefit.
Jun 18, 2015JDA goes all in on Google Cloud
Ian Murphy explains the key advantages that JDA will take away from their new collaboration with Google.
Jun 11, 2015Walgreens triples planograms, cuts errors 97% as it customizes assortments
This article explains how Walgreens tripled their planogram library and the 3 key enhancements that are part of the JDA solution that they implemented.
Jun 8, 2015Final thoughts on Gartner’s supply chain conference
Logistics Management editor-at-large Bob Trebilcock gives his final thoughts on Gartner's supply chain conference.
Jun 8, 2015(3D) Printer Perfect
VP Manufacturing Strategy EMEA at JDA, Hans-Georg Kaltenbrunner looks at the future impact 3D printing could have on local and international supply chains.
Jun 3, 2015CEO Survey Finds Profitability is a Challenge for Omnichannel Retailers
This article discusses the results of the recent survey conducted by JDA and PwC, authored by JDA’s Wayne Usie.
May 29, 2015Supply Chain Insights from JDA Focus Breakout Sessions
Supply Chain Digest editor-in-chief, Dan Gilmore highlights the breakout sessions he attended at FOCUS 2015.
May 27, 2015JDA Improves Office Depot France’s Supply Chain Efficiency, Profitability
This article highlights Office Depot France’s implementation of JDA's Category Management solution, which has improved the company’s supply chain efficiency. JDA's Category Management solution has made Office Depot France a more profitable business, JDA has won a place on Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s list of the 100 Great Supply Chain Projects for 2015.
May 27, 2015The New JDA: Focused on the 3PL Industry (Takeaways from FOCUS 2015 Conference)
This article talks about JDA Software’s new focused approach to the third-party logistics (3PL) market. At FOCUS 2015, Gonzalez interviewed Todd Johnson, Global Vice President of JDA’s 3PL Business Unit, who explained the reasoning behind the formation of the 3PL business unit and the unit’s offerings.
May 22, 2015Introducing the SDCE 100 for 2015
Supply & Demand Chain Executive highlights the 2015 finalists of the annual Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 listing, which focuses on 100 great supply chain projects. JDA is included as a result of submitting the Home Depot (France) case study
May 20, 2015New JDA category management functionality seamlessly delivers localised plans and assortments
Retail Technology Review highlights new features of the JDA category management solution announced recently.
May 18, 2015Kimberly-Clark’s Journey to Logistics Procurement Excellence
This article by Steve Banker talks about Kimberly-Clark’s use of JDA Logistics Procurement, resulting from the presentation by Jenni Stamps and Melanie Payne at FOCUS 2015
May 18, 2015Walgreens supports local assortments with JDA
This article focuses on Walgreens’ implementation of JDA Software’s Category Management solution. This is a result of proactively pitching the Walgreens case study, along with news of the solution’s recent enhancements.
May 15, 2015Sustainability Drives Supply Chain Professionals to Learn New Finance and Accounting Concepts
This article discusses the recent JDA FOCUS event and PepsiCo's keynote address which focused on "digitizing the value chain” (JDA was a key solution provider in this area) and “sustainability.”