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Feb 5, 2015JDA Software adopts a new brand identity and a fresh approach
Equipped with a new brand identity, JDA Software’s mission is to provide innovative software solutions that help its supply chain customers succeed. We spoke with the firm’s chief marketing officer, Kevin Iaquinto, to find out more
Jan 14, 2015NRF 2015: Big Data, Inventory Centralization, and the Cloud
Chris Cunnane discusses the three main themes people were talking about as they walked the floor at NRF 2015: big data, inventory centralization, and the cloud.
Jan 14, 2015NRF Big Show 2015 Day 2 Video Review and Comment
A Look at RFID in Retail and Supply Chain; the SCDigest Version of JDA CEO Bal Dail's NRF Keynote Presentation; More Top New Solutions at the Show
Jan 13, 2015JDA launches Retail.Me solution to optimise shopper segmentation and assortment management
JDA Software Group has announced the availability of Retail.Me, a services offering that provides retailers with shopper segmentation and localised assortment recommendations to expand sales and increase customer satisfaction.
Jan 12, 2015Retail customer engagement comes into focus at NRF Big Show
Baljit S. Dail, chairman and CEO for JDA Software Group, reminded Big Show attendees during another panel that the physical retail store is still an important part of the customer experience. But merchants need to keep brick-and-mortar locations and ecommerce on equal footing to meet consumers' expectations for both.
Jan 12, 2015The physical store continues to dominate omnichannel shopping
Bal Dail, chairman of the board and CEO of JDA Software, warmed up the crowd during NRF's BIG Show by stressing that the retailer was no longer in charge, but could only survive by following the lead of the consumer. And what does the new consumer want? Seamless integration of omnichannel offerings.
Jan 10, 2015How Merchants Plan to Turn Good Ideas Into Best Practices
A sneak peek at of the NRF 2015 agenda.
Jan 9, 2015From CES to NRF, the Future of Retail is All About the New Boss: The Customer
Going from CES 2015 in Las Vegas to the National Retail Federation's annual convention in New York might be a big hop, skip and jump—but the focus at both is on the consumer.
Jan 8, 2015Retailers need to plan for online peaks and troughs
Almost a third of British online shoppers experienced problems with their orders over the 2014 Christmas period.
Jan 8, 2015M&S shares drop 3 percent as problems with online deliveries over Christmas and unseasonal weather hit sales
Marks & Spencer shares opened over 3 per cent lower this morning after the stores giant reported a worse than expected drop in sales of clothing, gifts and homeware over the Christmas period.
Jan 8, 2015Delivery issues for online shoppoers
Almost a third of British online shoppers had problems with the delivery of their orders in the lead-up to Christmas, a survey suggests.
Dec 19, 2014Find success in foreign markets by ensuring high standards
British exporters need to look for ways to prove their reliability, as poor quality management systems can be a barrier to sales.
Dec 12, 20143D Printers Producing Factory Goods
When most people think of 3D printing, they may consider prototyping or creating products in the comfort of their own home, yet the real potential lies in manufacturing, as Nick Martindale reports
Dec 11, 2014No Supply Chain Blah, Blah, Blah 2014
Dan Gilmore offers some reasonable guidelines for what you should expect and demand from conference presenters.
Dec 10, 2014Warehousing predictions for retailers in 2015 and beyond
JDA's VP of Solution Strategy Tom Kozenski’s shares his warehousing predictions for 2015.
Dec 9, 2014Creating a retail supply chain for all seasons
JDA's Retail Strategy Director Jason Shorrock explains how fashion retailers can create a supply chain that’s fit for all seasons.
Dec 5, 2014Retail technology view from the top: JDA Software's Lee Gill
Retail winners will be the companies that successfully establish quick-fire home delivery, says JDA Software's EMEA VP for retail strategy, Lee Gill. He also has a warning for the grocery middle market.
Dec 4, 2014UK not OK at delivering the goods
The UK was the worst performing European country for missed online home deliveries over the last 12 months, according to data from JDA’s Customer Pulse Reports 2014.
Dec 4, 2014One in five European shoppers have experienced problems with online home deliveries, JDA reports
Nearly one in five (19%) European shoppers have experienced problems with online home deliveries according to research from JDA.
Dec 3, 2014UK worst country in Europe for missed home deliveries
The UK is the worst country in Europe for missed online shopping deliveries, with a quarter of shoppers having missed orders while they were at home, according to a report.
Nov 25, 2014How 3D printing is set to shake up manufacturing supply chains
In the future we’ll print our own smartphone cases while manufacturers print more complex goods like vehicles for same-day collection
Nov 24, 2014Supply Chain News Makers Video Series: New JDA CEO Bal Dail on Where the Company is Headed
View the excellent video discussion between Dail and SCDigest's Dan Gilmore now.
Nov 20, 2014JDA and IBM team up for integrated omni-channel supply chain collaboration
Supply chain and logistics software and technology provider JDA Software Group Inc. and technology bellwether IBM announced last week they are collaborating to provide shippers with an integrated omni-channel supply chain that will enable shippers to make smart real time sourcing decisions and provide customers with the best buying experience possible.
Nov 17, 2014JDA and IBM team up for integrated omni-channel supply chain collaboration
Supply chain and logistics software and technology provider JDA Software Group Inc. and technology bellwether IBM announced last week they are collaborating to provide shippers with an integrated omni-channel supply chain that will enable shippers to make smart real time sourcing decisions and provide customers with the best buying experience possible.
Oct 29, 2014JDA Software Rebrands Company, Makes Interim CEO Dail Permanent
New "Plan to Deliver" Theme Has Meaning on Multiple Levels, as Company Also Re-Orgs to Become More Customer Centic
Oct 28, 2014JDA software fixes its identity crisis, gets a facelift, and is ready to deliver.
JDA software is full steam ahead and overhauled its image to appeal to the next generation of execs and customers.
Oct 28, 2014Supply Chain Software Company's Aim to Simplify Focus
JDA Software, a supply-chain-management and retail-planning software company, today launches a rebranding campaign with the tagline "Plan to Deliver."
Oct 28, 2014JDA Software Group unveils new brand identity, logo and tagline
Scottsdale-based JDA Software Group Inc. unveiled a new brand identity, logo and tagline today as the company continues through its transformative period.
Oct 24, 2014Top ten warehousing predictions for 2015 and beyond
As warehousing operations are coming under mounting pressure to perform to support growing demands of the omni-channel customer, Tom Kozenski, VP Solution Strategy at JDA Software, discusses what trends are emerging and what their impact will be.
Oct 22, 2014Integration of systems drives speed while reducing cost
Cloud-based networks can identifyand remedy problems at source
Oct 22, 2014Disruptive technologies wait in the wings for logistics
Drones and 3D printing may have potential in the long term
Aug 27, 2014JDA announces executive promotions
Razat Gaurav has been named executive vice president and general manager, Global Industries and Solutions, and Enrique (Quique) Rodriguez has been appointed executive vice president and chief sales officer.
Aug 26, 2014Supply chain technology: the key to online order fulfilment
JDA Software retail strategy expert Lee Gill examines the challenges posed by the rise of online shopping and the convergence of the digital and physical supply chains.
Aug 26, 2014The Disruption of Store Operations: How Retailers Can Keep Pace
Scott Welty, vice president of industry strategy for JDA Software, discusses the unique partnership of planning and store execution, identifies key trends in retail operations, and notes what stores must do to provide personalized customer experience.
Aug 19, 2014Open Sky Group chosen as US reseller of JDA warehouse management software
Open Sky Group, an independent consulting company specializing in warehouse management system (WMS) implementations, has announced that it has been chosen by JDA Software as a U.S. reseller for the JDA WMS and other add-on applications.
Aug 18, 2014TMS or 3PL?
Many third-party logistics companies (3PLs) tout their ability to manage transportation costs for their shipper customers. But what most logistics managers may not fully appreciate is the extent to which 3PLs rely on software—specifically, transportation management systems (TMS)—to achieve freight savings on their clients' behalf.
Aug 13, 2014Most retail supply chains are not ready for omnichannel commerce
Less than one-fourth of retail CEOs participating in a global study sponsored by JDA Software believe the rise of omnichannel shopping will affect their organizations.
Aug 12, 2014Retail 2020: The 7 Trends Impacting Brick & Mortar Retailers
The retail industry is in the midst of a massive transformation driven by consumers’ rapid adoption of new digital technologies. By the year 2020, the retail landscape will have fundamentally changed how every retailer will go to market. No segment of retail will be more impacted than the brick-and-mortar store. Here are seven trends brick-and-mortar retailers should consider, and what they can do to make their stores retail winners.
Aug 11, 2014Omnichannel: Retail Supply Chains’ Big Challenge
Retailers’ supply chains generally are not optimized to support the new omnichannel environment, particularly with regard to the changing supply needs created by the expansion in mobile and online shopping, according to a recent report in which Pricewaterhousecoopers surveyed 400 retail CEOs.
Aug 11, 2014Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Closing the Gap from Plan to Performance
Supply Chain Digest's supply chain graphic of the week highlights flowcasting and features a graphic from JDA Software's Andre Martin’s videocast on Supply Chain Television.
Aug 11, 2014Watt’s gets a handle on efficiency with JDA software
Watt's SA (a Chile-based processor of meats, pasta, juices, and other food and beverage products for international customers) has Manufacturing Planning software from JDA Software Group to bring together and streamline forecasting, production, distribution and inventory.
Aug 4, 2014Most retail supply chains are not ready for omnichannel commerce
A new study suggests that many global retailers aren't prepared for the challenges of the omnichannel world. Eighty-three percent of retail chief executive officers (CEOs) participating in a survey commissioned by JDA Software said their supply chains currently are "not optimal" for meeting omnichannel's demands.
Jul 28, 2014The value of end-to-end intercontinental transportation planning
Fab Brasca, vice-president of global logistics at JDA Software, discusses how companies can get value from utilizing end-to-end logistics planning.
Jul 28, 2014The Internet Retailing Procurement Guide 2014
Lee Gill, vice president retail strategy, JDA Software, discusses multichannel integration and the increased pace of change occurring with retailers IT systems in the "Matching the Pace of Change" and 'Time to Up the Ante" features of this Internet Retailing Supplement on procurement.
Jul 25, 2014JDA Concentrates Focus on Global 3PL Market
Peter van Merode, vice president of industry strategy at JDA Software discusses the strategy behind JDA's recently formed Global 3PL Business Unit focused on sales and product development for this market.
Jul 25, 2014JDA targets 3PL market
The supply chain software company JDA has become such a fixture in the world of major retailers and manufacturers that it’s easy to forget the company also has a major presence in the third-party logistics provider market. But there’s room for growth, the company said, evidenced by its decision earlier this year to create a dedicated 3PL business unit aimed at expanding its revenue from the sector.
Jul 24, 2014Low carbon supply chains for a sustainable future
Razat Gaurav, international senior vice president at JDA Software, shares how the topic of carbon emissions among JDA customers is becoming a strategic issue and more institutionalized, with many linking emissions to remuneration.
Jul 23, 2014Visibility Lends Authority to Supply Chain Plans
In this Material Handling & Logistics byline, Fab Brasca, vice president of strategy at JDA Software, discusses how implementing closed-loop visibility—planning—execution process can create supply chains that are more cost effective, provide better customer service, and are more profitable.
Jul 17, 2014Logistics News: Somewhat Quietly, Labor Management Systems for Distribution Continue to Drive Big Operational Improvements
Nafe Hagen, an LMS expert at JDA Software, explains how most prospective customers are looking past the basics of labor, capabilities which are just assumed must be there, and are primarily interested in how to be better at the overall labor picture versus just using the labor reporting. This includes the planning of labor requirements, scheduling of tasks and hours, the ability to perform trend analysis and most importantly to look for where additional gains can be achieved beyond those that come from basic labor reporting.
Jul 16, 201434 JDA Customers Recognized In Apparel Magazine Top 50 Retailer List
American Eagle Outfitters, Chico’s FAS, Inc. and Stage Stores are among the 34 JDA Software customers recognized by Apparel Magazine in the Top 50 for 2014 list.