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Apr 11, 2014Align strategy with merchandise lifecycle plans to succeed
Customer expectations have changed and a lean supply chain must now take into account the modern, varied life of a product, that's according to Steve Davis, vice president, consulting partner, services, JDA Software.
Apr 10, 2014The New SAP Supply Chain Control Tower
In this article discussing supply chain control towers, JDA process playbooks are mentioned as a way to make better supply chain decisions.
Apr 10, 2014Cosy fit for JDA and Red Prairie
The merger of Red Prairie and JDA Software has created a wide-ranging IT offering for retail (and other) clients. HSS editor Simon Duddy talks to JDA Group Vice President Andrew Kirkwood about how the combined company can help retailers with the Omni-channel challenge.
Apr 8, 2014The Evolving Role of the Store
Dave Bruno, director of product marketing, JDA Software, explores how retailers are adapting the store to meet the new needs and expectations of Millennials, who represent more than 80 million consumers in the U.S. and will spend $1.4 trillion annually by 2020.
Apr 4, 2014Getting the best out of plannograming
Raj Marimuthu, group vice president, services, JDA Software India, tells Point Of Purchase how plannograming can help in getting cost effective means towards sustainance while increasing profits.
Apr 4, 2014Swedish Rail Company, SJ AB, to deploy JDA software to boost revenue and customer service
JDA® Software Group, Inc., today announced that SJ AB, Sweden’s state-owned and largest rail operator, is set to deploy the JDA® Demand and JDA® Rail Price Optimizer solutions to improve its competitive pricing strategies, increase ticket sales and grow market share.
Mar 31, 2014Hibbett Sports Scores with Markdowns
Feature article on Hibbet Sports' implementation of JDA Demand and JDA Markdown Optimization.
Mar 31, 2014LTD Commodities
This feature story on JDA Software customer LTD Commodities highlights expected benefits from their JDA Warehouse Management System implementation.
Mar 31, 2014The 14th Annual Pros to Know
March publication of the Supply and Demand Chain Executive 2014 “Pros to Know” finalists, including JDA Software's Paula Natoli, Tom Kozenski and Vali Fayen.
Mar 31, 2014Supply chains under strain
Slimane Allab, JDA Software's GVP for pre-sales, EMEA; and Hans-Georg Kaltenbrunner, JDA Software's head of manufacturing industries, EMEA, explain how the uptake of the omni-channel retailing trend is putting strain on the supply chain for both retailers and manufacturers.
Mar 26, 2014UK Businesses Face up to World of RIsk
Razat Gaurav, senior vice president, JDA Software, discusses the impact natural disasters can have on supply chains and how companies are increasingly using software to model risk.
Mar 26, 2014Industry Changes Tone of Voice
JDA customer Hi-Spec Lenses discusses their Workforce Management Systems implementation and how it has improved their shipping times to meet same-day or next-day delivery requirements while reducing employee training time from half a day to one hour or less.
Mar 23, 20142014 Review & Outlook: The 2020 Imperative
Danny Halim, vice president of industry strategies for JDA Software shares his vision of the 2020 consumer and how consumer goods companies must be willing to continue supply chain innovation and organizational change in order to be ready for the new consumerism.
Mar 23, 2014Power to the people: 5 trends impacting on workforce management in retail
Nick Curran, Strategic Services Director at JDA Software, discusses the top 5 trends impacting workforce management in the retail sector.
Mar 18, 2014Why supply chain management matters in omni-channel retail
Hamish Brewer, chief executive officer, JDA Software Group Inc., in a presentation to the Philippine media about the new retail landscape, stressed that technology is shrinking the world and raising consumer awareness globally and the Philippines will not be isolated from these global trends.
Mar 18, 2014Beaver Street Fisheries Reels in Results
The JDA Software Beaver Street Fisheries case study is featured by Consumer Goods Technology.
Mar 17, 2014Part 2: High performance supply chains, by JDA Software Group
In the second of a two-parter, industry expert Puneet Saxena of JDA discusses implementing a segmented supply chain strategy for profitable growth and competitive advantage.
Mar 13, 2014Part 1: High performance supply chains, by JDA Software Group
In the first of a two-parter, industry expert Puneet Saxena of JDA discusses implementing a segmented supply chain strategy for profitable growth and competitive advantage. Check back tomorrow for part two, which deals with inventory planning, master planning and replenishments, allocation planning and order promising, profitable execution and technology enablement.
Mar 13, 2014Workforce management helps Greggs transform from bakery retailer to food-on-the-go business
Speaking at RBTE 2014, Neil Parrish, retail productivity manager at Greggs, discusses how Greggs has moved from self-developed systems, largely manual processes and reporting, to working with a JDA's Workforce Management System solution to manage costs and growing sales in a low growth environment.
Mar 13, 2014Greggs envisions mobile enterprise management - in around five years
Neil Parrish, workload and efficiency manager at Greggs, presenting at the Retail Business Technology Expo in London, discussed how the partnership with JDA is providing the company with workforce management support as part of an evolutional step. He then outlined his ambitions to take the JDA Workforce Management platform mobile in the next 3-5 years.
Mar 11, 2014Greggs focusing on operational effectiveness
Neil Parrish, workload and efficiency manager at Greggs, discusses how the roll-out of JDA's workforce management (WFM) system across the retailer's,700-strong store portfolio is helping the company achieve its goals.
Mar 11, 2014Changing demands put the spotlight on the WMS
In this feature discussing the rapid changes in the supply chain and how they are placing more pressures on warehouse IT, John Bailey, vice president of solutions consulting at JDA, explores some of the challenges and differences stores face when choosing between in-store picking and dark stores to maximize their efficiency.
Mar 10, 2014Helping retailers transform to the digital age
JDA Software CEO Hamish Brewer discusses how the Philippines retail industry, still largely traditional in terms of how people shop, is beginning to evolve and adopt to online shopping.
Mar 7, 2014Analysis: Retailers harness innovation as relationships with suppliers change
Lee Gil, vice president of retail strategy, EMEA, JDA Software, is quoted in this peice discussing supplier relationships and how they enable retailers to become more innovative.
Mar 4, 2014Meet the 2014 Pros to Know
JDA executives Vali Fayen, vice president, product management; Thomas Kozenski, vice president, industry strategy; and Paula Natoli, vice president, product management, have been recognized as Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s 2014 Pros to Know.
Mar 3, 2014Stores enjoy ‘second wave’ of growth online
JDA Software CEO Hamish Brewer is quoted in this feature on the growth of online shopping. Brewer suggests that those retailers that take the lead now will capture the loyalty of their customers.
Mar 3, 2014Kevin Iaquinto | On the Move
New JDA Software CEO Kevin Iaquinto is featured in this Phoenix Business Journal People On The Move section.
Feb 28, 2014Looking ahead to a new year in materials handling
JDA Software is mentioned as a dominant warehouse management solutions provider for facilities with complex order fulfillment processes in this article on the importance of warehousing, distribution and materials handling processes.
Feb 25, 2014Avnet Goes Lean and Green
JDA Software's Warehouse Management System is highlighted in this feature discussing Avnet's 228,000-square-foot Global Solutions Center, which combines logistics and production under one roof. The combination of the JDA WMS and the efficient layout has allowed implementation of a just-in-time (JIT) production system in the integration center.
Feb 24, 2014The mother of inventories – are ‘dark stores’ the future of retail?
Lee Gill, vice president of retail strategy at JDA Software, is quoted in this "dark store" feature explaining how automating dark store processes can drive significant profitability and efficiency improvements.
Feb 20, 201470% of Philippines supply chain not optimized — JDA
JDA Software chief executive officer Hamish Brewer discusses the transformation of supply chain adoption in the Philippines during a Manila press conference.
Feb 20, 2014JDA sees Philippines adapt in global retail industry
JDA Software, an American software and consultancy company, and a leader in global supply chain management, sees a prospective change for the Philippines in its adaptation to the global transformation happening in the retail industry.
Feb 17, 2014Efficient Deployment of Supply Chain Solutions
In this byline, Raj Marimuthi, GVP of Services, JDA Software, India, writes about efficient deployment of supply chain solutions being imperative to the seamless logistics planning of large enterprises.
Feb 13, 2014In Search of Supply Chain Execution Convergence
Fab Brasca, vice president of global logistics for JDA Software discusses supply chain convergence and how JDA continues to make more warehouse constraints part of the JDA Transportation Management System so that users start off from the get-go building much better plans that account for the constraints in warehouse execution.
Feb 13, 2014Greggs picks JDA Workforce Management System to improve service in-store
Food- on-the-go retailer Greggs has chosen JDA Workforce Management to automate and optimise labour deployment across its 1,635 store estate.
Feb 12, 2014A Holistic Approach to Transportation Managed Services
In this feature article on implementing a Transportation Management System (TMS), JDA Software is listed as one of the largest suppliers in the TMS market that provide not only a TMS, but a suite of supply chain solutions designed to enable a holistic approach to transportation managed services.
Feb 12, 2014LMS: No longer just a tool for warehousing
In this article on labor management software, JDA Software is mentioned as a vendor seeing more retailers employing labor management systems within their stores to manage in-store picking.
Feb 12, 2014Planning for the Unknown
Danny Halim, vice president of industry strategy for JDA Software, is quoted in this article on sales and operation planning. In this feature, Halim explains how S&OP is progressing towards Integrated Business Planning.
Feb 10, 2014Introducing Supply Chain Power 50: Best Supply Chain Blogs of 2014
The JDA Supply Chain Nation Blog Post, 'The Ever-So Demanding Demand Planner...," by vice president of product management, Paula Natoli, has been named one of the best Supply Chain Blogs of 2014 by SupplyChainOpz.
Feb 10, 2014Integrating Private and For Hire Fleets
Fab Brasca, vice president of global logistics at JDA Software, is quoted in this feature discussing the ROI shippers can achieve by purchasing a transportation management system that provides the ability to optimize shipments of the private fleet and the for hire fleet at the same time.
Feb 6, 2014Hibbett Sports adds JDA Markdown Optimization
Hibbett Sports, an established user of JDA technology since 2006, has added JDA Markdown Optimization to its supply chain solutions. As a result, Hibbett has gained a better understanding of its regional selling seasons, as well as the differences in merchandise seasonality, in order to move products in and out of the stores more quickly.
Feb 3, 2014Building the Next-Generation Retail Operating Model - Five Things Every Retail CEO Needs to Know
Wayne Usie, Senior vice president of Retail, JDA Software outlines 5 key points that every retail CEO needs to know to ensure success.
Jan 29, 2014Companies Take to the Cloud for Flexible Solutions
JDA Senior Vice President of Sales & Services Joe King is quoted in this Financial Times’ Connected Business supplement discussing how cloud computing is more than just hosting services, but ensures availability and performance, protects data and helps businesses with change management by deploying functions and lessening disruption. (Subscription required to view article).
Jan 29, 2014Avnet seeks students to test their skills at Spring Tech Games
The JDA Supply Chain Challenge, a virtual game challenging students to make decisions on forecasting, inventory management, capacity management, schedule and pricing for a fictional satellite receiver shop, is highlighted in this DC Velocity feature on the Avnet Tech Games, a competition designed to help college students prepare for real-world business situations while competing for scholarships.
Jan 28, 20142014 CGT Readers' Choice Survey
For the 14th year, CGT’s readers recorded their votes for the consumer goods industry’s preferred solution and service providers in 12 categories, which reflect the vast landscape of IT investment opportunities available today. JDA Software is once again included in five of the twelve categories.
Jan 27, 2014The Transformation In Retail: Interview With JDA Software's Wayne Usie
Forbes Chief Insights Officer Bruce Rogers interviews Wayne Usie, senior vice president of retail, JDA Software on how omni-channel shopping and consumer expectations for product availability are rapidly changing the retail business model.
Jan 24, 2014Text of NRF Big Show Keynote Address by JDA Software CEO Hamish Brewer
By special permission, SCDigest has published the text of JDA Software CEO Hamish Brewer's keynote presentation at the National Retail Federation conference and exhibition on Jan. 12 in New York City.
Jan 24, 2014'Brightest thinkers and influencers' at RBTE 2014 'Brightest thinkers and influencers' at RBTE 2014
Workforce Management will come under the spotlight, when Neil Parrish, Workload and Efficiency Manager at Greggs and John Bailey, JDA Software, reveal how a forecast-based manpower planning system is improving operational effectiveness and underpinning Greggs' strategic re-shaping of their business to deliver long-term sustainable growth.'
Jan 23, 2014Foot Locker Is Turning The Tide On Showrooming
Athletic footwear and apparel retailer Foot Locker is aggressively combatting “showrooming” — the practice of consumers looking at merchandise in a store but purchasing it online — according to Ken Hicks, the company’s CEO, during a panel discussion with JDA Software CEO Hamish Brewer at the NRF 103rd Annual Convention & Expo.
Jan 21, 2014E-commerce will go as far as the supply chain can take it
Retail Wire reports on JDA Software CEO Hamish Brewer's NRF 2014 keynote and explores whether or not CEOs in general have a good handle on where consumers and the retail industry are headed in the future?