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Nov 27, 2015Last Mile Delivery Defines Success or Failure
In the recent JDA 2015 Consumer Survey of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers conducted by JDA, 50% of consumers said that they will not forgive a poor online home delivery experience. One third of customers that convenience is a major factor behind their online orders, whether as part of holiday shopping or throughout the year—a statistic that reminds retailers that online buyers are critical to success.
Nov 21, 2015Achieving Profitable Fulfillment: 5 Questions to Consider
JDA's Amitabh Kumar pens this article, part 1 of 2 in a series, on profitable fulfillment.
Nov 13, 2015Will ‘Black Friday’ retailers meet customer expectations?
In anticipation of the impending Black Friday (November 27) and Cyber Monday (November 30) shopping rush in the U.S., a survey of more than 1,000 consumers by the JDA suggests 50 percent of consumers will be unforgiving of retailers who provide a less than satisfactory online home delivery experience. Jim Prewitt, vice president of Retail Industry Strategy at the company, thinks some retailers have already the lost the battle:
Nov 11, 2015JDA Focus Connect 2015 review
Freelance journalist, Glynn Davis discusses the theme of intelligent data use in retail. He references JDA customers Metro, HEMA and Virgin Media, who all spoke at FocusConnect recently and a conversation he had with JDA's Lee Gill.
Nov 11, 2015Retailers Struggling to Deliver on Click and Collect
Click and collect options are becoming increasingly popular with both consumers and retailers, with a number of major Australian retailers getting on board over the past few years. However, a recent study by JDA has found that click and collect is not working as well as retailers might have hoped.
Nov 10, 2015Interview: Online video, mobile payments and Hema's efficiency drive
Ben Sillitoe interviews Hema’s, Mischa Gijrath in this article, which talks about how Hema plans to expand across Europe and how the retailer has benefited from using JDA Task Management tool.
Nov 10, 2015ERP vs. Best-of-Breed is History
JDA's Jim Le Tart authors this blog that talks about the pros and cons of ERPs vs. a best-of-breed approach.
Nov 9, 2015Survey reveals risks of approaching peak seasons
According to a new JDA survey of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers, 50% indicated they will be unforgiving of retailer errors in home delivery experiences. The survey also found that for one in three consumers convenience is a major factor when placing an online order.
Nov 9, 2015Can Retailers Keep Up With Consumer Demands This Holiday Season?
According to a recent study conducted by JDA, which polled more than 1,000 shoppers, 50 percent admitted that a problem with an online order over the past calendar year has convinced them not to return to that retailer during the upcoming holiday shopping season — no matter how good the respective retailer’s deals are. In all, 57 percent of consumers said that they plan to take advantage of Black Friday deals this year, but the experiences that those shoppers have could make or break their loyalty going forward.
Nov 9, 201550% of disappointed shoppers won't return
Shoppers are looking for convenience this holiday season, and if they don't find it on a merchant's site, expect them to go elsewhere: 33 percent of shoppers said they would head to a competitor that offers a more convenient or streamlined shopping experience. This is true not only during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but also throughout the year, according to a recent survey by JDA.
Nov 9, 2015JDA study looks at impact of consumer patterns on holiday-related retail supply chain activity
Jeff Berman covers the JDA 2015 Consumer Survey in this article, which takes a look at how the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping “events,” as well as other ways retailers endeavor to meet consumer shopping needs during the holiday shopping season.
Nov 9, 2015Shopper Frustrations Impact Black Friday And Cyber Monday Purchasing Decisions
Innovative Retail Technologies reports on some of the findings from the JDA 2015 Consumer Survey.
Nov 9, 2015Black Friday 2015 survey: Shoppers willing to take revenge for bad service
Retailers looking to cash in this holiday season need to treat their customers right throughout the year, according to a new survey from JDA Software.
Nov 8, 2015JDA Software Consumer Survey Data Indicates Online Consumers are Unforgiving and Will Shop Early
Bob Ferrari discusses some of the recent findings from the JDA 2015 Consumer Survey in his latest blog.
Nov 7, 2015Virgin Media boosts sales through better employee management in-store
Virgin Media has enjoyed significant sales uplifts across its 82 stores following the recent implementation of a workforce management (WFM) solution from JDA, which it installed to address a concern it was missing out on sales at peak times.
Nov 6, 2015Week in Review: Stats and Figures for Holiday 2015
This article summarizes eight different surveys related to holiday shopping trends. The leading statistic is from JDA’s survey: 50% of consumers indicated they will be unforgiving of retailers who provided less than satisfactory online home delivery experiences.
Nov 6, 2015Retail technology view from the top: JDA Software's Lee Gill
Essential Retail sits down with JDA's Lee Gill to discuss retail trends and challenges for the year ahead.
Nov 6, 2015Report: Shoppers take their frustrations out on Black Friday/Cyber Monday
This article goes in-depth into an analysis of the JDA Consumer Survey. It provides quotes from Wayne Usie and also includes statistics from a Harris Poll. A link to the JDA Consumer Survey landing page is provided at the bottom as Recommended Reading.
Nov 6, 2015Black Friday deals may not be enough to win over shoppers who’ve had bad delivery experiences
This article goes in-depth into an analysis of the JDA Consumer Survey. It provides quotes from Wayne Usie and also includes statistics from a Harris Poll. A link to the JDA Consumer Survey landing page is provided at the bottom as Recommended Reading.
Nov 6, 2015Is Black Friday Already Over for Some Retailers? Shoppers Who’ve Had Bad Retailer Experiences Won’t Return for Holiday Deals
Bulldog Reporter discusses the recent JDA Consumer survey findings unveiled ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Nov 6, 2015In-Store Pick-Up Has Startling High Failure Rate
TWICE recaps the 2015 JDA Consumer Survey as reported by the Wall Street Journal.
Nov 5, 2015Report: Consumers unforgiving of holiday fulfillment errors
American Shipper reports on the JDA 2015 Consumer Survey, around findings that consumers will switch to different retailers if home delivery or store-pickup processes are fraught with errors or delays.
Nov 5, 2015Survey: Online consumers want the gift of convenience
According to the new JDA 2015 Consumer Survey of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers, 50% of respondents indicate that they will be unforgiving of retailers who provide less than satisfactory online home delivery experiences.
Nov 5, 2015Black Friday: Boom or Bust?
A survey by JDA recently found that over 50% consumers who had an issue with home delivery of an online order over the past year say they are unlikely to shop with that retailer during the holiday season. This infographic by JDA illustrates more findings from the survey.
Nov 5, 2015Consumers run into trouble with in-store pickup
Business Insider leverages the results of the JDA 2015 Consumer Survey to highlight consumers' issues with in-store pickup.
Nov 5, 2015Are stores offering clicks but messing up the collect part of orders?
This article cites the JDA Consumer Survey and the Wall Street Journal article by Loretta Chao that discusses Black Friday retail trends such as he lack of staff and the fact that BOPIS would turn the store into a distribution center.
Nov 5, 2015Buy now...pick up sometime.
Under the ‘More Technology News’ heading, a paragraph reads, “Buy now, pick up…. sometime. Retailer’s hinge part of their-commerce retooling on offering shoppers the option to purchase online and pickup in-store.” It cites the JDA Consumer Survey and links to the recent Wall Street Journal article by Loretta Chao.
Nov 5, 2015Retailers, Consumers Face Hurdles With Buy Online, Pickup In Store Services
This article covers the JDA Consumer Survey and also quotes Wayne Usie, from the Wall Street Journal article published recently. It also includes research from StellaService Inc., which reports 61% of retailers that sell products online also offer BOPIS services, as well as the NRF survey.
Nov 5, 2015Why 'Buy Online, Pickup in Store' Isn't Working for Retailers
Fortune discusses the JDA 2015 Consumer Survey results, and one of the leading findings of the survey around BOPIS issues consumers are facing.
Nov 5, 2015Click-and-collect still a thorn in retailers' sides
This article discusses the 2015 JDA Consumer Survey results as it relates to BYOPIS trends.
Nov 4, 2015Study: In-store pickup fails for 50% of consumers
This article covers the following statistics from the recent JDA Consumer Survey: 50% of shoppers experienced a problem at pick up in-store, more than 1/3 of consumers have tried BOPIS in the last year, 60% opted for in-store pickup to avoid delivery fees.
Nov 4, 2015Retailers Struggle Getting E-Commerce Goods to Customers, Study Says
The Wall Street Journal discusses some of the findings in JDA's 2015 Consumer Survey in this article, around trends related to the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping season.
Nov 1, 2015Slotting’s elevated place in an omni-channel world
A look at how the use of slotting solutions is evolving in the omni-channel era, and how part of the answer lies in other complementary methods such as better forecast communication and flexible, WMS-directed replenishment. Tom Kozenski of JDA is quoted in this article.
Oct 28, 2015WMS at Mars, Inc: M&Ms from the DC to You and Me
Clint Reiser recaps Mars, Inc's discussion at a recent JDA conference about their JDA Warehouse Management deployment.
Oct 27, 2015Safilo selects JDA software
Business Review Europe's John O'Hanlon covers Safilo's selection of JDA Demand and Fulfillment in this article.
Oct 26, 20153PL Success in an Omni-channel World
The Manufacturer includes insight from JDA's Maarten Baltussen, VP of 3PL EMEA in this article.
Oct 23, 2015Panalpina ahead of schedule with WMS roll-out
This article discusses Panalpina's roll-out of JDA Warehouse Management Systems.
Oct 22, 2015The holistic approach
Internet Retailing’s Procurement Guide looks at the importance of the IT systems that allow retailers to become flexible and efficient, as omni-channel shopping continues to expand. In the article, JDA's Jason Shorrock explains that the success of an IT investment is determined by more than sales and increased availability.
Oct 21, 2015Safilo looks to increase supply chain visibility with JDA’
Manufacturing & Logistics IT covers Safilo's use of JDA Demand and Fulfillment.
Oct 19, 2015Few retailers today make money in omni-channel - what does it take?
This article, authored by JDA's Jason Shorrock,explores some of the results of the 'Omni-channel Imperative' survey results.
Oct 16, 2015Spatial Relationships
Writer Karen Kroll discusses Walgreens' category management implementation from JDA, with commentary from JDA's Todd McCourtie and Kent Ruesink.
Oct 12, 2015Medifast Refines its Warehouse Operations
Consumer Goods Technology covers Medifast's success with JDA WMS in this case study.
Oct 12, 2015Stalking the Silent Killer’
Few retailers it seems have a very clear understanding of the costs of omnichannel fulfilment: it is something they cannot or will not measure. As every manager knows only too well, what you cannot measure you cannot control - and those fulfilment costs are a very real threat to retail profitability.
Oct 2, 2015Many unhappy returns from the Consumer Rights Act
The new Consumer Rights Act came into force and ushers in what some in the retail sector believe will be a new era of returns headaches. It’s not hard to see why. For the first time, consumers have 30 days to return faulty products and get a full refund – previously the law said shoppers had to make returns within a reasonable time.
Oct 1, 2015Best practices: Slot leadership
JDA's Tom Kozenski is quoted in this article around best practices in warehouse slotting.
Sep 25, 2015Digital Demands
Retail is in a period of radical transformation as consumers now drive the engagement agenda, which is impacting massively on the sector as merchants grapple to generate profits from their increasingly multi-channel operations. This was the underlying theme at this year's World Retail Congress (WRC), held last week in Rome where retailers from around the globe gathered to discuss the industry's most pressing themes
Sep 18, 2015JDA Software Group moving to Scottsdale Quarter
Eric Jay Toll talks about the relocation of JDA's Headquarters to the Scottsdale Quarter.
Sep 18, 2015How Ducey, ACA and Scottsdale combined to keep JDA Software in Arizona
The Valley almost lost the corporate headquarters of JDA as another city was looking to poach the company. But work by local economic development officials helped the company stay.
Sep 18, 2015The pick up in click-and-collect
This article quotes JDA's Lee Gill in the latest Retail Week multichannel supplement, within a feature on click-and-collect.
Sep 11, 2015Late deliveries plague Euro shoppers as patience wears thin
This article highlights the findings of the JDA/Centiro Customer Pulse Survey.