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You already have more than enough decisions to make in order to keep your business performing well. Worrying about the software that powers it shouldn't be one of them. With JDA Cloud Services, formerly JDA Managed Services, you can leverage our deep industry and solution expertise to ensure that you are getting the most value and performance from your JDA solutions in less time, with lower risk, and at an improved cost.

Whether you are deploying a new solution, upgrading, or in need of expert assistance to run, maintain or optimize your existing solutions, we have flexible options to meet the needs of your business, delivered via JDA Cloud Services:


Is your IT staff ready to take on your next supply chain project? Free them up to tackle other demands and rely on JDA Cloud Launch and the iLab rapid deployment solution to set up an optimal environment for your JDA solutions in hours, days, or weeks. You will achieve investment returns in less time and at lower cost and allow your already stretched resources to focus on business results. Growing business? Need more performance? JDA Cloud Launch is the perfect platform to quickly add the capacity you need to optimally run your JDA solutions.


Ensure your JDA solutions are in perfect running order. More than just optimizing performance, JDA Cloud Perform maintains solution availability and manages areas such as problem resolution, change management, and security to ensure your solutions are always ready when your business needs them.

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Running your business is challenging enough. Maintain your competitive advantage by ensuring that you are leveraging the full capability of your JDA solutions. Our deep industry experience and solution specialization can provide you with everything from recurring training to process optimization, or even full operation of JDA solutions for your business.

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Your business isn't static, and neither is the business climate that it operates within. While today's JDA solution set may be serving your needs, there is always room for continuous improvement. As your trusted business partner, we can recommend areas within your business where additional value and business results can be unlocked, allowing you to evolve to the next level.

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"Working with JDA has been a fantastic experience. Everyone that I've worked with at JDA has been more than helpful throughout the process. From the managed services aspect to the capabilities of the JDA solutions, it's been a very powerful collaboration."

Mike Hettinger
Senior National Category Manager