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Streamline planning and execution in build-to-contract and maintenance environments

JDA has enabled many top aerospace and defense (A&D) businesses and government agencies to better plan and deliver on customer commitments at lower costs and with increased effectiveness. JDA’s Contract Manufacturing solutions provide world-class capabilities to organizations involved in building or maintaining equipment for A&D contracts.

Transform your business by using JDA solutions to:

  • Plan material requirements pegged to specific contracts, and evaluate capacity constraints
  • Track actual costs and labor hours, as well as control financial accounting
  • Repair assets returned for maintenance
  • Automate and control purchasing activities

Achieve real results with JDA’s proven software for contract manufacturing:

Plan and schedule asset teardown, inspection, repair and component re-manufacture.
Streamline production operations with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution designed for manufacturers with a requirement to recognize contract ownership of materials.
Automate procurement lifecycle planning, integrate strategic agreements and attach legal/specification documents into the purchasing process.
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