JDA Software

If the inventory isn’t available when a customer is ready to buy, the customer is unhappy and the retailer loses the sale — and potentially the customer’s future business. By leveraging technologies such as automated forecasting and replenishment as part of their perpetual inventory programs, retailers can significantly reduce out-of-stocks while supporting localized assortments. JDA Enterprise Store Operations manages the full lifecycle of perpetual inventory from point of order to point of receipt, driving sales and reducing operating costs while also providing power fraud detection capabilities through cash management tools, bank reconciliation tools, inventory cycle counts, and rigorous lottery management tools. 

How does it solve your business challenges?

Managing inventory and revenue efficiently leaves more time to focus on customers, grow your business and build a brand. JDA Enterprise Store Operations enables you to do just that with comprehensive capabilities for forecasting, optimized ordering and replenishment, inventory execution, cash management, item and price management, rebates and invoice management, reporting and analytics, fuel operations, food preparation (including all of the complexities inherent in fresh item and recipe management), mobility, and performance and vendor management. With JDA Enterprise Store Operations, you can optimize the back office while fostering customer loyalty at the register. 

What are the benefits?

  • Reduced inventory loss through identification of theft, loss and training issues
  • Decreased inventory through optimized ordering
  • Improved margin due to supplier management, invoice reconciliation and rebate management
  • Higher service levels as fresh items are prepared to align with peak demand cycles
  • Decreased food costs due to forecasting and waste reduction
  • Increased sales due to reduction in out-of-stocks 

Why JDA?

JDA Enterprise Store Operations improves virtually all of the site-based operations, from daily budgeting and forecasts of inventory and employees to production planning, fresh item control, recipe management and also employee scheduling and time and attendance with integration with JDA Workforce Management. You are empowered with unmatched controls for lowering your corporate, franchisee and dealer-owned operating costs while drastically improving service for your customers.