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Space on the store floor is a highly valuable, yet limited asset. When effectively managed, store floorplans are proven to drive sales gains and improve inventory turns. JDA Floor Planning merges store design with category management initiatives to maximize store floor profitability and competitive advantage.

How does it solve your business challenges?

JDA Floor Planning is an easy-to-use tool that helps you determine selling-space effectiveness and then create and maintain accurate floorplans that maximize store productivity. Using a flexible, intuitive interface, you can quickly produce and manipulate store layouts based on local customer demographics, managing multiple floorplans concurrently. You can also use three-dimensional modeling to resolve layout issues or to design destination categories prior to construction or store resets.

What are the benefits?

  • Increased efficiency and accuracy of floorplan development
  • Reduced costs by modeling stores and destination categories before construction
  • Increased sales, profits and inventory return on investment by optimizing space allocation
  • Increased customer satisfaction with demand-driven planning

Why JDA?

With innovative macro-space planning capabilities, JDA Floor Planning combines usability and streamlined processes with advanced reporting and analysis to create a powerful solution that efficiently maximizes your selling-space effectiveness. The solution integrates with JDA Space Planning, enabling you to link store floors and fixture placement with product planograms to create customized store assortments that match consumer needs.

Additional Information
What Customers Are Saying

Implementing the JDA solutions has provided CCE with one synchronized view of demand. Given the expanded variety in beverage consumption and shopper demographics, determining the right beverages to carry for consumers needs to be done at the store level to optimize sales and shopper satisfaction.

Luisa Eichman
director of space planning services
Coca-Cola Enterprises