JDA Software

The right warehouse labor management program does a lot more than simply track labor productivity. It transforms your business into a performance-focused culture. It makes workers accountable for their own performance and turns supervisors into coaches and mentors. JDA Warehouse Labor Management leads you through this cultural transformation with a proven methodology and change management process which are supported by the industry’s best technology.

How does it solve your business challenges?

JDA Warehouse Labor Management enables companies to define and document standard performance expectations and then measures, tracks and reports the performance of employees, departments, facilities, etc. JDA Warehouse Labor Management incorporates an associate recognition program and includes trend analysis tools, report cards, and coaching and counseling functionality to help associates improve their performance. 

What are the benefits?

  • Decreased labor costs and turnover
  • Increased productivity and employee accountability
  • Visibility into current workload and transparency into downtime

Why JDA?

JDA Warehouse Labor Management delivers workforce planning and scheduling capabilities, schedule and task optimization, learning management, compliance and measurement, and visibility and analysis. Implementing discrete engineered standards with performance monitoring software and incentive programs provides standardized work practices and flexible control systems. Only JDA provides a workforce management offering of this comprehensive breadth to optimize every move within the distribution center and across the enterprise.

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