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In today's competitive marketplace, manufacturers must produce a daunting array of products — all while dealing with changing demand, shorter lifecycles and limited capacity options. To prosper in this challenging environment, astute manufacturers are using JDA Master Planning to generate efficient, effective supply and manufacturing plans that maximize customer service.  

How does it solve your business challenges?

JDA Master Planning optimizes multiple business constraints and metrics, while enabling you to gain greater benefit from your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. A complete production planning solution, it leverages advanced algorithms to construct a reliable, feasible master plan that can drive manufacturing and cost efficiencies while improving inventory management.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduced manufacturing and logistics operating costs
  • Improved service levels and planning productivity
  • Reduced global inventory,  which frees cash for other initiatives
  • Ability to optimize existing asset output to measurably boost overall manufacturing capacity

Why JDA?

JDA Master Planning features flexible scenario analysis capabilities that enable you to review the plan and run multiple what-if scenarios. A user-friendly exception navigator provides a guided analysis path to resolve planning exceptions, and plan analysis and workbench features provide master planners with decision support that delivers time-phased views of each product and manufacturing resource load.  

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What Customers Are Saying

"As a fast-growing company, like many of our counterparts in China, we lacked the solid infrastructure required for a successful IT project. By streamlining our process, optimizing inventory and deploying intelligent replenishment, JDA's solutions have helped us gain a competitive advantage."

Jerry Hu
Chief Operating Officer