JDA Software

Shipper-carrier rate negotiations can be fraught with inefficiencies and inaccuracies that can challenge all parties and unnecessarily drive up costs. JDA Transportation Bid Collaboration offers shippers and carriers a strategic decision-support tool that facilitates the transportation contract negotiation process, driving toward a mutually beneficial outcome.

How does it solve your business challenges?

JDA Transportation Bid Collaboration ensures the flexible collaboration, streamlined visibility and accurate information needed for shippers and carriers to determine the lowest feasible cost to service a network of shipments. An iterative bidding process incorporates service requirements, carrier capacity and total network cost, as well as backup planning to address scheduling conflicts or dropped loads.

What are the benefits?

  • Increased cost savings by leveraging consolidation opportunities and carrier capacities
  • More reliable and accurate bid responses
  • Reductions in overall transportation costs for both shippers and carriers
  • Rapid time-to-value of 2-8 weeks per engagement, depending on the number of carriers and bidding rounds

Why JDA?

With a collaborative workflow, flexible bid model and powerful optimization and analysis capabilities, JDA Transportation Bid Collaboration facilitates a powerful win-win for shippers and carriers alike. The global logistics sourcing solution also supports single and multiple-round bidding engagements, as well as maintains a repository of historic bid information that can be leveraged to do rate benchmarking, discover rate trends and track carrier participation.