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Every organization that requires transportation planning, including manufacturers, retailers and logistics service providers, is being tasked with improving service and reducing costs. JDA Transportation Planner helps organizations meet these objectives in an environment of ever-changing order fulfillment requirements.  

How does it solve your business challenges?

Using configurable business rules that adhere to facility, inventory and transportation network constraints, JDA Transportation Planner transforms your global order fulfillment, procurement and replenishment plans into cost-optimized transportation plans. JDA Transportation Planner automatically selects the most efficient combination of modes, carriers, shipment schedules and routes, and consolidates shipments into cost-effective loads.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduced overall freight costs
  • Improved utilization of private fleets and shipping containers
  • Increased customer satisfaction with highly competitive lead times and shipping pricing
  • Quick time-to-value with payback in months rather than years

Why JDA?

With integrated containerization, inventory-constrained load building and shipment scheduling, as well as interactive optimization and plan editing, JDA Transportation Planner enables you to maximize potential business benefits. Additionally, JDA Transportation Planner provides optimized results to transportation management solutions such as JDA Transportation Manager.

What Customers Are Saying

The JDA solutions are easy to workwith because everybody can log in and share the same data, all from a single source,” said Cleton. “You can focus on transportation efficiency. You can do truck-loading efficiency ratios. You can do consolidation ratios. As people work with the system and become comfortable, the benefits only increase. One of JDA’s targets is to make life easier, to make the system work better for the end users. If you introduce the change in a well-organized way, if you train people and inform them, then the users are happy and you can start to achieve benefits quickly. In the end, the biggest benefit an organization can have is increased workload efficiency.

LG Electronics, Inc.
Menno Cleton - Transportation Manager, LG Electronics Europe
LG Electronics Inc