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Self-Service Support: JDAUser.com

Self-service support is just a click away with JDA’s online customer support website, JDAUser.com. Available whenever and wherever you are, JDAUser.com offers a wide range of services and resources to meet your support needs.

Cutting-edge support tools

You can leverage JDAUser.com to access premier support tools to help ensure that your issues get resolved quickly. Streamline your troubleshooting efforts with a leading diagnostic tool, JDA Analyze, or search JDA KnowledgeBase, a robust database of proven solutions, for fast results. You can also access remote support capabilities via WebEx, which includes voice recording and audio playback for easy communication.

Login today and see how JDAUser.com can help you maximize your solution investment:

  • Enter and manage support cases online for faster resolution
  • Visit discussion forums for product information, Special Interest Groups and upgrade strategies
  • Review release announcements and alerts for the latest product and support news
  • Search JDA KnowledgeBase for quick resolutions
  • Access JDA Analyze and WebEx for improved diagnostics and remote support
  • View schedules for educational Webinars and events

Need help with your login? Contact us today at 888.441.1532 to receive your JDAUser.com user ID and password.

RedPrairie Customers

Please use the appropriate link below to access online customer support.

RedPrairie Support Cloud Customer Login
RedPrairie On-Demand WMS (formerly SmartTurn WMS)
RedPrairie Connect (formerly FurnishNet)