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JDA Solutions on HP Integrity Servers and HP StorageWorks EVA Deliver Unprecedented Price Performance and Scalability

Scottsdale, Ariz. — January 14, 2008 — JDA® Software Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: JDAS) today announced the results of its latest performance benchmarks and delivery of its latest version of JDA Enterprise Architecture v7.4 software on HP Integrity servers and HP StorageWorks enterprise disk arrays. The integrated JDA Software and HP solution enables a single, real-time view of the value chain across the entire organization, providing customers in the retail, consumer goods and manufacturing industries with the ability to optimize response times, lower operating costs, increase flexibility and accelerate business growth.

Efforts by retailers and manufacturers to achieve a consumer-driven enterprise are often stymied by factors such as disconnects and inefficiencies in information flow, inability to obtain real-time data and lack of visibility into the elongated supply chain. As a result, there has never been more need for scalable supply chain management solutions and agile IT infrastructures. JDA and HP have seamlessly integrated their independent strengths and supply chain expertise to create a highly adaptive, combined solution that delivers on the promise of a consumer-driven enterprise.

“At JDA, we share HP’s goal of helping retailers, wholesalers, distributors and consumer goods manufacturers align industry best practices and processes with IT to create opportunities for growth and differentiate the experience they deliver to their customers,” said JDA COO Chris Koziol. “Together, HP and JDA deliver a competitive advantage to customers, helping them deploy a total end-to-end solution which produces a flexible, agile and manageable supply chain.”

Expanded Functionalities, Lower Total Cost of Ownership Delivered Through Seamless Upgrade
The integrated JDA and HP solution combines the broad and deep capabilities of the JDA Enterprise Architecture v7.4 software and the superior performance and processing power of the HP Integrity server family and HP Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) family. This powerful software/hardware combination is well-suited for retail, consumer goods and manufacturing organizations, as it delivers high-volume planning, execution and optimization applications all on a highly available, secure and scalable platform to meet the evolving demands of the global enterprise. Moreover, this solution delivers visibility into granular level of detail, allowing customers to achieve a higher level of accurate planning without arbitrary modeling constraints or assumptions.

“Customers who deploy JDA Enterprise Architecture solution on HP Integrity servers and HP StorageWorks EVAs can gain a wide range of benefits from this exceptional supply chain solution,” said Koziol. “Designed to deliver an integrated framework that enables one synchronized view of demand, customers will realize heightened decision-making, improved collaboration between retailers and suppliers and a multi-enterprise global architecture when they deploy this solution.” 

When upgrading to the combined JDA and HP solution, customers benefit from a consolidated server environment that enables them to accomplish more with fewer resources, thus reducing total cost of ownership through reduced management and maintenance costs and lowered day-to-day operational and IT costs. A seamless migration plan that minimizes impact on business operations and includes strategic consulting services ensures customer confidence in the decision to upgrade to the latest version of JDA’s Enterprise Architecture software and HP Integrity servers.

The HP 9000 Evolution Program helps customers transition to Integrity servers easily and cost-effectively. By transitioning from the HP 9000 platform to the Integrity platform, customers can lower risk and overall cost of their IT environment while delivering higher availability and performance. With support from HP Services, HP helps customers achieve a smooth transition by leveraging proven expertise and integration experience during all the phases of the transition process.

“HP Integrity servers provide retail, consumer goods and manufacturing companies with a flexible, cost-effective solution for high-performance, reliability and simplicity, allowing them to better support real-time business change in retail,” said Gayle Papadopoulos, executive director, Worldwide Distribution Industries, HP. “HP Integrity servers, as part of a simplified IT infrastructure, help retailers achieve operational excellence while differentiating the experience they deliver to their consumers.”

Testing Environment Models True Customer Experience
Rigorous testing on two HP Integrity rx6600 servers with eight cores and an HP StorageWorks EVA8000 SAN was performed to demonstrate JDA application performance, adaptability and scalability on HP Integrity servers and to make certain the solution is highly integrated and interoperable. The software/hardware combination, batch and window constraints and database information utilized in this comprehensive testing was representative of a real-world customer environment, ensuring benchmark data results accurately model what a typical customer can expect from this integrated solution. To evaluate the scalability of the solution, typical weekly and nightly batching jobs were also performed as part of this comprehensive, end-to-end benchmark testing.

Benchmark Data Results Reveal Power of JDA and HP Solution
The depth of data produced by the comprehensive benchmark testing ensures customer confidence in the strength
and reliability of JDA’s Enterprise Architecture software on HP Integrity servers and HP EVAs. Testing results revealed the solution scalability and included:
• Generated 2.2 billion forecast records
• Produced 79.1 million planned and constrained replenishments
• Fully forecasted and replenished 10 million active product combinations
• Supported 38 thousand supplier order line items

Industry-leading Scalability and Performance
JDA’s Enterprise Architecture solution provides unmatched performance and scalability for value chain optimization, using industry-leading grid computing technology.  JDA grid technology is designed to be highly adaptable and scalable. This cost-effective technology allows customers to expand JDA application solutions to other business units or geographies as needed, thus eliminating inherent risk and guesswork related to hardware needs down the line. Moreover, this fault-tolerant solution is capable of systematically recovering from technology failures such as network connectivity or hardware failures — to ensure optimal business continuity.

About JDA Software Group, Inc.
JDA® Software Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: JDAS) is focused on helping companies realize real supply chain and revenue management results — fast. JDA Software delivers integrated merchandising as well as supply chain and revenue management planning, execution and optimization solutions for the consumer-driven supply chain and services industries. Through its industry leading solutions, leading manufacturers, distributors, retailers and services companies around the world are growing their businesses with greater predictability and more profitably. For more information on JDA Software, visit www.jda.com or contact us at info@jda.com or call +1.800.479.7382. 

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