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Scottsdale, Ariz. – November 5, 2013 – JDA®Software Group, Inc., The Supply Chain Company®, today announced the launch of an expanded suite of technical services designed to help organizations accelerate and optimize performance across their global supply chains – driving out time and cost, while meeting business and performance needs.
Creating an agile, responsive, well-integrated IT environment provides the ideal platform for JDA Software’s advanced software solutions to optimize performance in demand forecasting, fulfillment, warehouse management, transportation and distribution, and other core competencies. While advanced solutions from JDA are helping more than 3,000 companies worldwide to drive supply chain excellence, they require an optimal IT environment in order to deliver their greatest results – as well as create the highest possible return on the supply chain investment.
“The qualified professionals on the JDA Technical Services team have an average of 14 years of hands-on experience in building winning supply chain IT environments,” said  Imran Khan, senior vice president, consulting services, JDA Software. “Backed by thousands of software implementations, each in a unique technology landscape, our technical services are unmatched in their ability to understand and address our customers’ technology-related challenges.”
JDA Technical Services offers a comprehensive range of support that can be tailored to an organization’s specific needs. The newest JDA Technical Services offerings are as follows: 
  • Cloud Readiness. Whether a company is partnering with JDA Cloud Services or building a private cloud, the experts at JDA Technical Services ensure that all technology resources support the speed and agility of the cloud — and are also backed by the right security protocols to protect a company’s most critical supply chain information.  
  • Supply Chain Metrics and Analytics. Leveraging the power of JDA Business Analysis and JDA Business Intelligence, JDA consultants create a system of performance monitoring, measurement and analysis that is embedded in JDA’s software — and link directly to a company’s key performance indicators. When a deviation occurs, automated reports flag the problem, enabling quick corrective action.Common data sources are utilized for strategic, tactical and operational analysis and build the foundation for predictive supply chain analytics.  
  • Data Services. In order to perform optimally and support sound strategic decisions, JDA software relies on a seamless flow of business data — but it must be the right information, at the right time, in the right format to produce the best possible results. JDA consultants can help to ensure that data quality, availability and movement are optimized for JDA solutions.
These new capabilities enhance JDA’s proven technical consulting capabilities, allowing customers to better align the technical and operational parts of their business to support corporate goal attainment. Additional JDA Technical Services offerings include:

  • Technical Planning. JDA makes objective recommendations about hardware size and scalability, legacy systems and databases to ensure that they make good business sense — and drive a higher level of supply chain performance.
  • Technical Architecture and Design.Before implementing JDA software, JDA Technical Services works with businesses to ensure that the foundation has been created for a smooth, rapid implementation — as well as ongoing high levels of software performance. This “sanity check” ensures that JDA solutions have easy access to the memory, data and other resources they need to transform a company’s core supply chain competencies.
  • Integration Services. Often, custom code and hand-built interfaces interfere with the ability of legacy IT systems to interact smoothly with advanced JDA software. Unless these integration points are optimized, JDA solutions cannot operate at their highest potential — which shortchanges a company’s ability to gain an ultimate business benefit.
  • Implementation and Upgrade Support. JDA consultants provide hands-on support and design phased rollouts that minimize risk while delivering early financial returns.
  • Technical Health Check.JDA Technical Services offers a rapid assessment of a company’s overall technology landscape, which can often be completed in as little as a week. This health check ensures that technology resources continue to position the broader business for success.
  • Performance Tuning and Scalability.Most software implementations begin with a pilot phase, which considers a limited amount of software functionality and data inputs. JDA recognizes that the real test is maintaining technology speed, integrity and power under full data loads, and with all of the JDA software functionality unleashed. This system test and tune-up verify that a company has the right IT foundation in place for today — and for tomorrow.
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