JDA Software


JDA acquired Intactix International, Inc. in April of 2000 from Sweden-based Pricer AB. The Intactix acquisition supports JDA’s strategy to build an integrated, enterprise retail and supply chain solution that addressed retail and consumer goods customers’ most pressing space management challenges, and to increase JDA’s position as the premier solutions provider in the retail and consumer goods industry.

Founded in 1990, Intactix quickly grew from two to 250 associates in 12 countries in six years with a complete suite of space and category management software and consulting solutions. In June of 1997, Swedish-based Pricer AB acquired Intactix to improve its retail and manufacturing customers’ merchandising strategies and opportunities.

Today, JDA is widely known as the market-leading space management solutions provider for retailers and the consumer goods industry, with a referenceable customer base including such well-known enterprises as Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Coca-Cola Company, Johnson and Johnson, Kmart Corporation, Procter & Gamble, Inc., Safeway UK, Sainsbury’s and Sears, Roebuck and Company (US).

Commitment to Innovation

JDA solutions are the most widely used and installed space and category management solutions around the globe. Since the acquisition of Intactix, JDA has continued to invest heavily in innovation to meet customers’ evolving business needs. On average, JDA has delivered a major new release for the Space & Category Management solutions each year, with additional minor releases and service releases issued as necessary.

With JDA’s acquisition of Intactix in 2000, JDA expanded its offerings to include solutions for space planning, floor planning and efficient item assortment. Since that time, shelf assortment, Intactix knowledge server and many other innovative capabilities have been added to the solution suite.

The fully integrated and centralized JDA Category Knowledge Base serves as the basis of JDA’s next-generation Space & Category Management solution suite, JDA Planogram Generator. The solution enables companies to create greater quantities of highly detailed planograms more efficiently. JDA’s retail and consumer goods customers benefit from planograms that are accurate — incorporating attributes such as user-defined merchandising instructions, fixtures and assortment and performance data — as well as produced at high volumes. JDA Planogram Generator automates the often arduous task of producing planograms and is capable of producing store-level planograms in a matter of seconds, quickly allowing retailers to adjust product placement based on performance data, market changes and shifting consumer demand.

Additionally, JDA has integrated its Space & Category Management solutions with its solutions for merchandise management, demand management and advance store replenishment, solidifying JDA’s position as the most comprehensive, integrated merchandising and business-to-business supply chain solutions provider for retailers and their suppliers.