JDA Software


JDA acquired Manugistics in July 2006 to expand its end-to-end supply chain offering and bring unparalleled optimization to the market. Manugistics’ demand and supply chain solutions enabled JDA to grow its market penetration with solutions for manufacturing, demand and replenishment, price and promotions optimization, and transportation and logistics. This additional size, scale and innovation enabled JDA to evolve the traditional way of viewing how to optimally supply goods to the consumer. The acquisition of Manugistics uniquely positioned JDA to provide retail, manufacturing, wholesale distribution and service industries customers with an enhanced solution offering that spanned the supply chain from raw materials to the end consumer.

Prior to the acquisition, Manugistics had offices in over 30 countries and had a heritage as one of the “founders” of supply chain management. The company was a market-leading provider of demand, supply and transportation planning solutions, with customers including tier-one leaders like Heinz, Coca-Cola, Defense Logistics Agency, Kraft Foods, Church & Dwight and Tyson.

Manugistics’ industry-leading demand and supply chain solutions were designed to help improve revenue and margin growth, drive value from existing legacy systems, and allow its customers to easily sense and respond to ever-changing business events. These best-in-class solutions provided greater data visibility, responsiveness and synchronization for more accurate planning, continuous optimization and flawless execution. As a result, Manugistics’ customers achieved reduced costs and improved customer experience.

Manugistics was founded in 1969 as Scientific Time Sharing Corporation (STSC). Until 1980, the company developed and marketed a broad range of computer software and services, including international computer time-sharing services. In 1980, STSC began developing and marketing a line of operational decision-support software while continuing to grow and profit from other product lines. The company changed its name from STSC, Inc. to Manugistics, Inc., in May 1992, to reflect its corporate business evolution to a leadership position in operational decision-support software in the areas of manufacturing, logistics, statistics and transportation.

Commitment to Innovation

Since the acquisition in 2006, JDA has made key investments in research and development to further innovate, expand and leverage the Manugistics solutions. JDA adopted the J2EE-based, former Manugistics’ WebWorks Architecture as the foundation for the JDA Enterprise Architecture and its key applications to provide one view of demand to drive JDA’s integrated planning and execution solutions.

Leveraging the strengths of both companies’ solutions, JDA launched integrated solutions in demand management, replenishment, order optimization, and advertising and promotions management in 2007.

JDA also leveraged and expanded the former Manugistics presence in India to create the JDA Center of Excellence. The JDA Center of Excellence allows JDA to extend its current capabilities and resources to provide customers with greater levels of service, innovation and flexibility by placing additional resources in India from product development, services, support and information technology.