JDA Software

JDA Services helps maximize your return on investment

At JDA, we're committed to delivering real results fast so that our customers can quickly achieve a high return on their investments. Our world-class Services organization can help you obtain maximum value from your JDA solutions, freeing you to concentrate on achieving supply chain excellence. We have dedicated teams of highly experienced supply chain professionals ready to work with you to ensure that your applications perform at optimal levels at all times.

JDA Services offers value-added capabilities to support customers at every phase of the business lifecycle. In addition, JDA Services provides:

  • Speed-to-value
  • Unparalleled expertise
  • Unmatched service
  • Commitment to continuous improvement
Supply chain expertise and complete solution lifecycle management that enables you to focus on results, not software.
No one can get your solutions implemented or upgraded faster than JDA Implementation Services.
Ensure that your systems run at their optimal level throughout the lifetime of the solutions.
Achieve full, end-to-end supply chain management with solution development services.
Streamline your business strategy and processes, as well as optimizing your operations.
What Customers Are Saying

We have used JDA Software solutions over the last 10 years. As a partner, JDA Services has been very helpful in terms of support, functionality and flexibility.

Albert Cavallaro
Vice President of Applications
New York & Company, Inc.