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JDA Store Center With Clienteling

When customers walk into your store, their shopping experience determines if they buy today and if they return in the future. The personal attention they receive makes the difference between browsing and buying, and a one-time sale and a buying relationship. JDA Store Center With Clienteling helps associates engage with your customers and personalize the associate-customer relationship to increase satisfaction, sales and return trips.  

How does it solve your business challenges?

Effectively leveraging data about an individual customer’s buying behaviors and shopping preferences during in-store interactions, or clienteling, can help boost revenue and drive loyalty. JDA Store Center With Clienteling uses customer-specific data to empower sales associates with a full 360-degree view of the customer’s interaction with the store, including customer communication, demographics, lifestyle and interests as well as “virtual closet” information with purchase history, product images, transaction dates and locations. Associates then use the data to reach out to their customers on a one-to-one basis, increasing traffic and prompting unplanned store visits during promotions or important dates. The solution provides reporting capabilities, event-triggered actions and reminders for associates, proactive contact recommendations based on store and personal events as well as personalized dashboards and calendars for increased sales effectiveness.  

What are the benefits?

  • Higher, more valuable sales and repeat business
  • Enhanced information about product availability and location, allowing associates to quickly and easily “save the sale” when an item is not readily available in-store
  • Increased employee efficiency with enhanced customer outreach and engagement

Why JDA?

JDA Store Center With Clienteling, part of the JDA Customer Engagment suite, helps enhance your customers' in-store experience and drives top-line growth. The solution automates the traditional sales associate “little black book” of customer information about product and style preferences, past purchases and even personal information such as anniversary dates and birthdays. With mobile access to this valuable information on the store floor, more associates can reach out to more customers with confidence that they have the right information and incentives that will interest and motivate customers on an individual basis. 

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