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Optimize supply chain performance with innovative network design

Companies today are challenged to find more innovative ways to reduce operational costs and working capital investments, while also driving customer service, revenue and growth. JDA’s Network Design & Optimization solution, JDA Supply Chain Strategist, leverages best practices and enables companies to transform their supply chain structures and policies for optimal performance.

With JDA’s solution, companies can drive supply chain performance by using a wide range of what-if scenarios to evaluate the complex business and economic trade-offs among site location, in-house versus outsourced manufacturing facilities, transportation and environmental sustainability. Companies can also conduct network inventory analysis and analyze total landed cost by product, demand location and time period for even greater supply chain optimization.

Transform your business by using JDA’s proven software to:

  • Model the entire supply chain from raw materials to finished products and delivery
  • Improve strategic and tactical decision making with visibility into network design, sourcing and capacity
  • Compare the relative value of scenarios from either a cost or profit perspective
  • Plan for uncertainties with what-if scenario generation and analysis
  • Understand and project the inventory costs of network design decisions based on stochastic parameters
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"We want to ensure that we remain the benchmark for the regional retail market, while also raising some bars for the global marketplace. JDA is helping us focus on the requirements, processes, workflows and implementation methodologies we need to scale up."

Arun Gupta
Customer Care Associate and Group Chief Technology Officer
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