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JDA is a leading provider of Price Sensitive Revenue Management™ solutions. For more than 25 years our industry-leading solutions and services have helped companies improve revenue and profits by balancing supply and demand through innovative demand forecasting, price optimization, revenue management, asset optimization and analytical services. Today, JDA enables some of the world’s largest and most profitable companies to achieve 2–5 percent increases in revenue through its innovative solutions.

JDA’s rich heritage and market leadership in pricing and revenue management can be traced to the early 1980s with the founding of Decision Focus Inc. and Aeronomics, which later became a part of Talus Solutions, the recognized leader in revenue management. Manugistics acquired Talus in 2000, and the solutions were added to JDA in the 2006 acquisition of Manugistics.

JDA's Pricing & Revenue Management Timeline

Economic and competitive pressures are at an all-time high for many businesses. Pricing has become increasingly transparent for both consumers and competitors at a time when profit margins are shrinking. With the current economy, companies in the travel, transportation, hospitality and media industries face the added pressure to increase revenues while managing excess capacity. This shift is forcing companies to look beyond their traditional revenue management practices and systems. JDA has transformed traditional revenue management practices to include sophisticated and advanced price-sensitive forecasting and price optimization, enabling companies to shape demand and maximize profits.

Why JDA Pricing & Revenue Management?

With JDA Price Sensitive Revenue Management solutions, companies in the highly competitive cargo and freight, entertainment and leisure, hospitality, media and passenger travel industries can position their products and services at the right price to optimize profits across all customer segments and support market share growth.

Transform your business by using JDA solutions to:

  • Increase revenues 2–5 percent annually
  • Improve visibility into your demand forecast
  • Increase responsiveness to market conditions
  • Streamline complex pricing processes and improve efficiency

Achieve real results with JDA’s proven Price Sensitive Revenue Management solutions:



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What Customers Are Saying

"In terms of all of the projects we have out there to generate incremental revenue for our partners, our franchisees and our own hotels, these JDA solutions represent one of the highest-value tools we have."

Frederic Deschamps
Vice President of Global Revenue Optimization
Carlson Hotels

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