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Drive more informed decisions and enterprise visibility with sales and operations planning

With disconnected business functions hampering executive decisions and competitive performance, companies need to have greater visibility into sales and operations planning (S&OP) and execution. JDA’s Sales & Operations Planning solution can empower executive-level decision making on corporate, financial and operational plans by enabling integrated business planning and management.

Extending beyond traditional demand-supply matching, JDA’s solution aligns S&OP with corporate financial goals to drive cross-functional alignment. From forecasting to distribution management, this level of enterprise-wide visibility provides companies with the data they need to achieve strategic objectives and maximize profits.

Transform your business by using JDA’s proven supply chain management software to:

  • Enhance data visibility across all departments for greater corporate accountability and productivity
  • Create a series of planned, repeatable processes that can be implemented quickly to reduce or eliminate plan deviations
  • Promote continuous process refinement by incorporating plan-do-check-act capabilities
  • Identify critical demand and supply gaps and assign associated action items, as well as analyze different demand and supply scenarios to bridge gaps in revenue

Why are supply chain executives increasing their budgets for sales and operations planning initiatives?

Real Results. Fast.

JDA Software can help the world’s leading retailers, manufacturers and wholesaler-distributors transform their sales and operations planning (S&OP) processes to the next level of integrated business planning and management. Here are some of the real results that our customers have achieved with JDA Sales & Operations planning solutions, which are helping to drive more informed decisions and enterprise visibility*:

  • Improved order promising accuracy within the desired delivery week from 50 percent to up to 92 percent without manual intervention or adjustment
  • Gained the ability to project business over a one-year period and monitor performance against those projections
  • Reduced late orders running in the production line to less than 10 percent
  • Increased order booking efficiency to more than 80 percent
  • Gained the visibility required to make product mix decisions based on profit optimization goals and take orders as late as possible with postponement strategies

* represents actual results realized by JDA customers.

Further Enhance S&OP Performance with JDA’s Supply Chain Suite

Demand and supply management solutions from JDA Software can make your baseline supply chain data even more accurate, enabling smoother and more precise analysis. Companies seeking to strengthen their integrated sales and operations planning processes turn to the following JDA capabilities:

  • Demand Management
  • Fulfillment
  • Vendor Managed replenishment
  • Collaboration
  • Network & inventory Optimization
  • Transportation & logistics Management
  • Production planning & SchedulingJDA solutions are proven to deliver impressive benefits with capabilities that support:

Enhanced demand plan accuracy

  • Improved new product introduction and transition
  • Robust decision support workbench with integrated graphs, grids and exception alerts
  • Advanced statistical modeling with multiple algorithms that can be tailored to unique item characteristics
  • Forecasting at any level in the product, location or channel hierarchy
  • Forecast aggregation and reconciliation from the bottom up or top down
  • Ability to auto-select and tune algorithms based on their unique demand classification

Improved working capital management

  • Time-phased, multi-echelon planning
  • Order optimization
  • Network inventory optimization
  • Production changeover optimization
  • Sourcing/distribution/transportation optimization
  • Multi-stage production planning constraints
  • Exception monitoring

Increased service levels, sales and performance

  • Collaborative consensus demand planning
  • Safety-stock optimization
  • Inventory policy optimization
  • Promotions management and optimization

“It’s very important to manage attributes like new product introductions and end-of-life sales. Our sales people now make forecasts on items using all information available across various functions. The sales people and the sales team manager then review and approve a consensus demand plan and look at the projected performance compared to the annual business plan and monthly action plan. The JDA S&OP solution supports this plan-generation process well.”

Jaegil Song
Supply Chain and Operations Management
Team Leader, Doosan Electro-Materials

Drive Business Profits

Challenge: Disconnected Business Functions That Hamper Executive Decisions and Competitive Performance

Global selling and sourcing, fragmented supply chains and escalating consumer expectations are all straining the already compressed timeframes between planning and execution. in this dynamic 24-hour environment, executives are pressured to bring together the moving parts of their businesses as agilely and intelligently as possible. Yet too many organizations operate in functional silos with each department working on independent plans based on independent data and assumptions. last-minute changes to plans routinely go unmanaged, and poor communication results in disconnects across demand, supply and finance teams. Without visibility into these challenges, executives are left with no clear answers regarding what went wrong or where the operational breakdowns took place.

While traditional S&OP processes have helped tactically align demand with supply, companies must go to the next level of business transformation to stay competitive. executives need to take control of S&OP initiatives with a holistic approach that integrates their time-phased revenue, cost and margin plans with the operational functions of their companies. and they need the right tools to quickly visualize and act on any business risks, opportunities or threats.

Solution: JDA Sales & Operations Planning

Now you can focus on what matters most when uniting your company’s corporate objectives, financial goals and operational plans with the JDA Sales & Operations planning solution. By teaming with a core group of JDA customers and the leaders of business process improvement at Oliver Wight, we are transforming S&OP into an integrated business management approach for today’s dynamic global market. transitioning from a supply-demand balancing exercise to a process that integrates your entire business, our next-generation solution enables your corporate-level decision makers to deliver on your company’s strategic objectives and maximize profits.

Based on nearly 25 years of proven best practices, JDA’s S&OP solution utilizes key-metric graphs and charts to visually present the aggregated state of your business for more informed decision making. to enable faster time to value, our solution offers prebuilt integration to the underlying JDA demand and supply solutions that drive your processes. the S&OP solutions offered by JDA function as overlay solutions with an interoperable data store that can also provide decision support for third-party planning applications. no other business intelligence solution can offer so much value so quickly.

Drive Profits With S&OP Visibility and Execution

Companies must get increasingly agile when pursuing demand or supply. if marketing activities can capitalize on a new trend to boost category sales, your company’s supply function must respond. if a slowing economy or major disruption threatens reliable supply, your demand team needs to swiftly adjust. and they must do so without losing sight of the implications that their decisions could have on your corporate objectives, financial goals or operational plans. While it may sound challenging, an integrated business management approach can enable this level of decision making for your critical financial and operational teams. achieving results with this S&OP approach requires a solution that can deliver a single set of rolling numbers for the next 24 months or longer. each element of the plan must be translated into terms that your stakeholders can readily understand and be held accountable for during management review meetings. JDA designed its S&OP solutions with prebuilt graphical views and templates that deliver out-of-the-box availability to present multiple dimensions of your business from your top stakeholders’ perspectives and that can flexibly configure to meet individual business process requirements. leaders in your sales, operations, finance, marketing and production teams will have access to the views that they need to ensure they are on-time, on-plan and on-budget.

Accelerate Time to Value With Out-of-the-Box Views

With the JDA Sales & Operations planning solution, your executives can intelligently and efficiently align on a common business plan, enabling them to:

  • easily navigate and review plans through an intuitive graphical hierarchy configured to your company’s desired planning attributes
  • perform what-if analysis and scenario evaluation to identify constraints and understand tradeoffs when balancing supply, demand and simultaneously meeting financial objectives
  • identify critical resources (people, equipment, suppliers and finances) to address any issues related to conflicts, constraints or bottlenecks
  • relate assumptions, risks and opportunities to specific hierarchy levels in the S&OP plan to qualify and explain the values in the plan
  • assign and track action items that are critical to achieving strategic goals and plans
  • identify opportunities for demand sensing and shaping strategies to manipulate demand upward through promotions and pricing actions or downward to meet capacity constraints
  • incorporate input from both downstream and upstream trading partners for a more complete picture

JDA S&OP is the must-have solution for your integrated business planning and management program. Since it’s based on the highly scalable and extensible JDA® platform, our customers can leverage another solution that shares the same underlying foundation for master and operational data, security, exception management, workflow, analysis and reporting for faster time to value and reduced maintenance.

JDA Delivers End-to-End Capabilities to Empower Executive-Level Decision Making on Corporate, Financial and Operational Plans

Requirements JDA Capabilities Benefits
Supply Review
  • Models the capacity required to meet demand and determines cost projections related to purchasing, human resources, inventory and production functions
  • Highlights critical resource constraints related to material, labor and other capacity variables
  • Highlights areas where inventory positions violate predefined tolerances
  • Provides key metrics designed to identify areas where demand exceeds supply and available capacity
  • Improves order fill rates and network utilization
  • Frees working capital tied to ineffective inventory
  • Reduces costs
  • Accelerates responsiveness to change
Scenario Management
  • Provides key metrics and calculations that enable executives to make real-time adjustments to key data
  • Supports review and comparison of multiple scenarios so executives can select best alternatives
  • tracks inputs over time for analysis of changes to plans
  • Improves decision making and what-if analysis
  • Instantly presents the effects of changes to key variables
Financial Appraisal & Analysis
  • Initiates a financial evaluation of product, demand and supply plans, including time-phased revenue, cost and profit projections
  • Documents financial assumptions such as future product and customer mix, currency rates and average selling prices
  • Develops the strategic financial plan for the entire business that can be tracked against actuals throughout the year
  • Presents executive graphs that highlight gaps in previous plans and budget
  • Provides a complete, timely financial picture of business
  • Accelerates response to issues that threaten profits
  • Keeps focus on targets for projected revenues and gross margins
Integrated Reconciliation
  • ensures alignment of product, demand and supply plans along with financial evaluation into an integrated business plan
  • identifies alternatives when plans are not aligned to ensure that the company is operating to a “single plan and numbers”
  • identifies any performance concerns and gaps at the lowest practical level across the strategic and business plans
  • Develops scenarios to resolve issues, including any impacts to common required resources
  • identifies which decisions must be elevated to the monthly management business review meeting and publishes recommendations with cost/benefit rationale
  • Quickly prioritizes initiatives for better focus on key performance indicators (Kpis)
  • Eliminates surprises for smoother execution
  • Ensures optimal resource allocation
Process Orchestration Workflow
  • Provides interactive and automated workflow support
  • Presents the business risks, opportunities and threats that tie into the S&OP plan
  • Publishes agreed-upon plans for execution systems
  • Provides audit trails and approval workflows
  • Facilitates dynamic plan consolidation
  • Optimizes resource utilization Eliminates duplicated efforts Supports smarter decision making
Management Business Review (MBR)
  • Builds an agenda that prioritizes meeting topic order, including issues that could not be resolved earlier in the S&OP process
  • Develops supporting data and graphics to aid in evaluation and decision making
  • Provides metrics required during MBr to assess performance, future plans and issues or opportunities
  • Features an executive dashboard that tracks Kpis and highlights any that are outside of tolerance
  • Enables continuous improvement of the entire process with ongoing measurement and review
  • Supports focus and immediate action on critical Kpis
  • Maximizes efficiency and productivity of meetings
  • Ensures that leaders are in sync and informed

JDA and Oliver Wight Alliance Ensures Optimized Solutions and Best Practices

JDA is a recognized leader in providing supply chain planning and execution solutions that are critical inputs to the S&OP process. Our capabilities support best-inclass practices in demand management and forecasting, fulfillment, master planning, and network and inventory optimization. to optimize performance and innovation, JDA incorporates Oliver Wight’s methodology and consulting processes into our software solutions to ensure a world-class integrated business planning and management program.

Additional Information
What Customers Are Saying

The JDA S&OP solution is very user-friendly because it is Microsoft Excel-based. New management tools usually create the need for a significant amount of training, but it took only a few hours for our team to use S&OP efficiently. In addition, S&OP employs best-practice workflows. Having the opportunity to leverage these best practices proved to be very beneficial for our company and helped us to manage demand effectively.

Jaegil Song
supply chain and operations management team leader
Doosan Electro-Materials

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