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Fred Baumann of JDA Software discusses how JDA Shelf Connected Cloud will help transform the supply chain industry for the consumer, the retailer and the manufacturer. He also discusses why it is essential to maintain profitability and competitiveness in today's fast moving market.

Combine industry-leading software and services with manufacturer-retailer collaboration to enable the shelf-connected supply chain

In today's fast-moving, ultra-competitive markets, the ability to manage products across multiple channels and the entire product lifecycle becomes essential to maintaining profitability and competitiveness.

The JDA Shelf-Connected Cloud is a comprehensive, fully integrated solution suite that combines software and quick delivery through JDA Cloud Services to deliver profitable revenue growth. It enables manufacturer and retailer trading partners to effectively collaborate at the shelf level for enhanced competitive advantage and performance. Featuring unparalleled, proven scalability and fast time to value, JDA’s Shelf-Connected Cloud improves the flow of information from the retail point of sale back to manufacturing.

Leverage the JDA Shelf-Connected Cloud to link business planning with shelf execution and:

  • Quickly see the results of decisions and their impact on both performance and financial results
  • Help align the people, processes and tools necessary to focus attention on the critical few actions that will drive significant and immediate results
  • Synchronize demand and supply plans with those of your trading partners
  • Optimize local market assortments — for each retail store
  • Significantly reduce total supply network inventory while improving in-stock rates at the shelf
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