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Enabling the world’s leading retailers, manufacturers and distributors with world-class capabilities

JDA offers the broadest portfolio of supply chain, retail merchandising, store operations and all-channel commerce solutions to help companies manage the flow of goods from raw materials to finished products and into the hands of consumers. JDA’s deep industry expertise and innovative cloud platform help companies optimize inventory, labor and customer service levels. As a result, JDA solutions have become the standard for the world’s leading retailers, manufacturers and distributors.


JDA's comprehensive software and services address mission-critical requirements across the following strategic categories:

Ensure sustainable product quality and delivery performance
Maximize inventory productivity with a real-time view of global orders
Improve sales and profitability by developing accurate forecasts and demand plans
Synchronize production schedules with material and factory constraints
Eliminate excess inventory while maintaining customer service levels
Collaborative Category Management
An integrated set of cloud-based best-of-breed supply chain planning and execution solutions that holistically and iteratively solve inventory planning, replenishment and order fulfillment challenges.
Unify supply chain planning, optimization and business analytics on a single platform
Cloud-based collaborative forecasting and planning
Industry-leading demand planning, inventory planning, supply chain planning, factory planning and scheduling, order promising, and sales and operations planning.
Support advanced process collaboration, optimization and analytics for improved "anticipate and respond" agility
Integrate merchandise management processes for greater visibility and inventory control
Develop merchandise plans that reflect localized consumer demand
Improve supply chain performance by optimizing network configurations
Determine optimal retail price and promotion strategies
Enable price sensitive revenue management to ensure best ROI
Orchestrate optimum inventory levels across the supply chain with time-phased planning
Facilitate enterprise-wide planning and execution for more informed decision making
Link business planning and shelf execution to deliver value.
Drive profitability with demand-based category and assortment strategies
Execute corporate strategies at the store level while driving service, sales and profits
Align design and supply for increased profitability and performance
Increase profits and cash flow for midsized companies
Enable the adaptive supply chain with fast and responsive planning
Synchronize transportation and distribution across multiple modes, enterprises and borders
Strategically connect all stakeholders within the extended enterprise
Drive distribution center agility and efficiency for maximum return on investment
Improve productivity and customer service with comprehensive workforce management
What Customers Are Saying

JDA solutions have given us the connectivity between demand and supply. In times of change, it gives us a cohesive system to address market cycle variations. We can select the proper mix in both upturns and downturns, and we get the information we need in near real time.

Ron Kantorik
senior manager, demand management
Altera Corporation