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Personalized support for your supply chain management solution

From providing business continuity during your solution implementation to helping you advance to the next level with our latest technology, JDA Software provides you with the end-to-end, personalized support you need to achieve real results from your solution investment.

You can rest assured that you're receiving the best support and training possible when you work with JDA. We guarantee that each time you engage with our world-class organization, you'll have access to:

Dedicated analysts with deep expertise. With an average JDA tenure of seven years and more than 10 years of industry expertise, our global team of support analysts can help you get the most value out of your solutions in the most efficient manner possible. You can access support resources 24x7 through support.jda.com, where a majority of support cases are resolved the same day.    

Personalized service. Our support analysts offer front-line support for your product and process questions. As your central point of contact for reporting and tracking issues and inquiries, we take ownership of your situation and work through the relevant JDA teams to get you the answers you need. Plus, we can provide you with support scorecards, so you have an up-to-date view of how your organization is benefiting from JDA Support.

Education and innovation. We help protect your business' competitive advantage by providing you with industry-leading education, webinars and resources, as well as upgrades to the latest technology advancements. For more information about JDA's world-class training and education solutions, including our flexible and efficient JDA Training Units program, please visit JDALearn.com.

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